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Day 20: April 10, 2010

April 12, 2010

It only took like, 10 sec and three steps for me to score today. Woke up after a night of beers with amigos and pulled on some shorts from the dirty clothes hamper and a shiny nickel hit the floor.

metal as fuck


I wonder how long it had been in there? At least a few weeks because I’ve been real quick on the laundry lately. Its from 1981, so maybe it just came back through fold-space and reentered my existence.’81 was pretty wild year. The Pope got capped twice and Marcus Allen won the Heisman.

Nothin for the rest of the day though, at all. I don’t even remember what I did all day to tell you the truth. I do remember waking up from a nap with a brick of colby cheese on my chest and ginger ale playing cliffhanger on my nightstand/mini-fridge.

Five cents and no real news I guess. Seek entertainment elsewhere.

Today’s Total: $0.05

Running Total: $2.38

Purchase Power: A nipply pen that, frankly, unsettles me…feed many a cop, and beaded pusses.

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