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Day 19: April 9th, 2010

April 12, 2010

Fridays are the last day of the work week, which makes then better than Thursday, and much better than Monday. Monday is better than the band Thursday though. That band sucked so bad, even a severe case of the Mondays is preferable.  I used the past tense because I haven’t heard them referenced in some time. I can remember my little nerdler brother wearing his Thursday shit to karate lessons. Your no Ralph Macchio bro.

sometimes, erections just happen.

Work as pretty smooth, nothin to report there. I got a random boner when I was driving around, and I say random because I couldn’t pinpoint its origin. I wasn’t thinkin about makin relations…err, coitus. The roads I was driving were paved too, so it’s not like a back of the bus bonepiece that salutes the denim due to drum-rolling in your skivvies. It just was. The erection that just was.

I met a scientist lady who is going to study my oldest dog. My dog is gonna make sciences in the near future, making her more accomplished than me. It’s a study about muzzle licking…I told her she could just study me, but she quickly declined by gagging. What a prude. After that I ate Thai food, which is better than everything in the world.

Found a most unrecognizable penny in the parking lot there, and a dime maybe 20 min later at Best Buy. The cent looks like its been hottubbing in toothpaste, which sounds really unsexy, unless you’re a dentist or a fuckin freakshow in general. And if that’s the case, slowly back away from my blog and try to decide which shape is sexier, triangle or cube.

Today’s Total: $0.11

Running Total: $2.33

Purchase Power: Reading material for weirdos who don’t eat stuff like McGriddles,  a shiny ducky and a life-size Quigley to talk to when nobody is looking.

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