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Day 18: April 8th, 2010

April 9, 2010

Dry pavement everywhere up here!@! Finally the greedy whore of Winter has lost her grip on everything and seems to be finally subsiding. For a while there, it appeared she was gonna hang round like Senor Cooper, but I’m seein’ dog shit everywhere, so all signs point to Spring.

Mr. Hawking and his prisoner, Lee Harvey

For the record, I would’ve let Vanessa come camping. Fast-forward to the 1:08 mark and there’ll be a clue why.

So yeah, it was sunny as hell and I had Mr. Hawking out on the deck all day, catching rays like Steve Irwin. Heh. Decided to ride my beauty to school and tool around the campus, and it was like, the best decision I’ve made since contracting gonorrhea just so I would know what it felt like. I’ve been the star of every gonorrhea conversation since. Yep, I’m battin’ 1.000 in that dept….take that Rod Carew.

Super fun day on the pavement. While I was cruisin’ the bettys around the school and drinkin’ in the day of days, I found a penny and a dime, in that order. Maybe five minutes apart. It completed me in a way. As a Brazilian once told a friend of mine when expounding on his love of a particular brothel, “When I there, I am top of my happy.” Well, those coinz put me at the top of my happy. Seriously, I felt like Ferris Bueller on a weekend trip at Bernie’s.

That good.

Today’s Total: $0.11

Running Total: $2.22

Purchase Power: So you can heat your heroin/meth spoon anywhere… if you squint they look like scrota and a notepad that’s pear-y awesome.

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