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Day 15: April 4th, 2010

April 6, 2010

What a lazy sunday. Escaped the city and the life I live for a few days on someone else’s couch while they weren’t home. Here’s a chronological of what I did to celebrate Easter:

1.) Rolled over and opened my eyes

2.) Watched “Donut Paradise” and fiended for a maple-bacon bar from Voodoo Donuts.

3.) Watched Breakfast Paradise and fiended for a giant omelet.

I googled "Steak Paradise 2" and got this. Now I'm fiending again.

4. ) Watched Steak Paradise 2 and fiended for some cow buttocks.

5.) Watched Fried Food Paradise and fiended for some deep friend pollo.

6.) Watched Dogs 101 and learned the Puli looks really retarded. A lady got one and opened a yarn shop as a result. Really.

7.) Decided it’s ok to be a fiend and went to KFC and popcorn chicken’d for the rest of the day.

8.) Watched a movie with a friendo. The Blind Side…it was decent…sass everywhere.

9.) In the course of my travels to KFC, the car and back, I found two nickels and a penny. They’re all from the Clinton era, and as a result remind me of boners and saxophones. Thanks Bill.

Today’s Total: $0.11

Running Total: $2.01

Purchase Power: 1000 stress balloons for 500 stressed hands….give your computer a blowjob….maybe you like heroin.

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